External Appointments Information

Note that the Student Advisory Committee to the Chancellor (SACC) is only accepting applications from first-years at the moment. Please direct any questions to Sam Green, Student Body Vice President, at greensm@live.unc.edu.

Campus Personal Safety: This committee serves to develop and review long range strategic plans in regard to Campus Recreation’s budget, fees, facility development, policies, and staffing; to review and provide input regarding operational decisions, policies and procedures, eligibility and facility utilization; to assist in the development of program goals and vision statements; to serve as the sounding board for recommendations from the campus community, more specifically the various Campus Recreation councils; and to annually review the goals and objectives of Campus Recreation.

Chancellor’s Awards Committee: The Chancellor’s Awards Committee is responsible for the fulfillment of the charge from the Chancellor’s Office, consideration of awards to be added, and the planning, execution, and evaluation of the awards ceremony, an annual ceremony recognizing outstanding achievements by Carolina students in both academics and co-curricular student activities. The committee is not responsible for the selection of the awards.

International Affairs Advisory Council (IAAC): The International Affairs Advisory Council comprises approximately 50 colleagues representing schools, centers and other internationally focused units on campus. The council brings together an array of international expertise and perspectives from across the University and serves as a strategic “think tank” in helping move UNC’s global mission forward. The council meets every other month and is convened by Ron Strauss, executive vice provost and chief international officer.

Office for Undergraduate Research (OUR): The Student Government-OUR Student Liaison will work in collaboration with the Office for Undergraduate Research (OUR) to enhance OUR outreach efforts to promote research involvement and opportunities to undergraduates across the disciplines and help to continue to build a culture of undergraduate research at UNC. The Liaison will assist OUR in developing strategies for publicizing and promoting programs such as the Carolina Research Scholars Program (CRSP), the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF), the Celebration of Undergraduate Research Symposium (CUR) and undergraduate research in general. The Liaison will build on current outreach efforts, might work with current OUR Ambassadors, and may propose their own initiatives.

Priority Registration Advisory Committee: The Priority Registration Advisory Committee meets only if a Carolina group requests to have early registration for classes. In years past, this has included groups like the ROTC. Priority registration decisions are made based on the consent of the committee who convenes after a Carolina group has presented to them. In doing so, the committee meets only on an as-needed basis.

Student Academic Advising Board (SAAB): The Student Academic Advising Board serves as the student voice to the Academic Advising Program administration. It is completely student run and managed. SAAB is expected to bring student concerns and ideas to administrators in the advising department. In the past, the board has collaborated with advising administration and individual advisers to optimize the advising experience for all students. Traditionally, this committee is comprised of students of various years and advising experiences, including transfers and first-years. The chair of the committee, either the SBVP or his or her chosen delegate, sits on the Academic Advising Program Council.

Student Advisory Committee to the Chancellor (SACC): The purpose of SACC is to provide a means for a wide range of student constituencies to speak directly with the Chancellor, the Executive Vice Chancellor, the Provost, and the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs in order to peacefully and professionally advance the interests of the students and the university. SACC is composed of 12 undergraduate and graduate students who meet monthly with the Chancellor and meet weekly as a group to represent a broad range of student interests to the Chancellor and to higher university administrators. The Student Body Vice President serves as the chair of the committee.

Student Leadership Advisory Committee to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs (SLAC): The primary goal of SLAC is to gather feedback from students and then communicate that feedback to UNC administrators. Previously, SLAC has worked on initiatives such as: extending Davis Library hours, improving the Greek system’s relationships with UNC Administrators, publicizing counseling services available to students, improving UNC One Card access, discussing student fee increases, and discussing first-year housing options for students.

Student Supreme Court: The Student Supreme Court has original jurisdiction in controversies concerning the branches of Student Government. Composed of five student-justices, the Court strives to uphold the ideals and values of the Student Code when resolving conflicts placed before it.

Student Technology Advisory Board (STAB): STAB is made up students and representatives from ITS. The advisory board is a sounding board for the students and their technology needs. We discuss issues concerning the computing labs, printing, CCI program, email concerns, IT Help Desk and anything else that student representatives bring to the table.

Student Undergraduate Teaching & Staff Awards: Students submit nominations for both awards to a 12-member student selection committee. Committee members visit finalists’ classes unannounced, interview students randomly and interview the finalists to choose the winners. The committee chooses recipients who promote the value of undergraduate teaching by their example, demonstrate concern for students through interaction and approachability inside and outside the classroom, create meaningful learning experiences and maintain high expectations of students.

WXYC Board of Directors: The WXYC Board of Directors oversees the operations of the UNC-Chapel Hill campus radio station, 89.3 WXYC.


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