Committees and Task Forces Information

Note that the First Year Focus Council and all three task forces are only accepting applications from first-years. Please direct any questions to Harry Edwards, Chief of Staff, at

Academic Affairs – Chair: Sowmya Mangipudi (

The Academic Affairs committee is dedicated to promoting academic excellence by advocating for effective academic policy, promoting 21st century learning techniques, and representing the student voice at the administrative level. We also work with the University Registrar to improve ConnectCarolina, press the university to make good use of course evaluations, and advocate for policies such as professors being required to make class syllabi freely available online.

Affordability Task Force – Director: Lee Beckman (

Led by the Student Body Treasurer, the Affordability Task Force will engage with the Student Activities Fund Office, Student Congress, student fees, fund requests, fee audits, and much more. While an academic background and/or interest in business, finance, mathematics, or economics will prove useful, successful Task Force members will have a creative mind and innovative energy. The primary goal of the task force is to keep Carolina affordable for all students.

Carolina’s Roundtable – Chair: Katelyn Buffett (

Carolina’s Roundtable is designed to foster meaningful dialogue between students, administrators, organizations and other key players on campus. Members will coordinate and host bimonthly campus forums that specifically address current policy issues. We will also host an end-of-year campus-wide Town Hall. These events aim to foster open discussions of relevant campus issues and contribute to an inclusive and communicative campus atmosphere.

Communications Task Force – Director: Paige Waltz (

A dynamic and innovative group of individuals whose mission is to facilitate communication between the student body, administrators, and Student Government. This year provides a unique opportunity for organizational rebranding. We need skilled individuals who can take an idea and run with it! If your talents lie with producing social media content, graphic design, communications, videography, photography, or technology, this is the place for you. Applicants should expect a significant time commitment and be able to accommodate tight deadlines.

Community Service – Chair: Aditya Shah (

The Community Service committee is responsible for organizing service events like the Public Service Fair and Christmas Toy Drive in order to engage with students and our local communities. These service efforts address our mission of increasing community-wide appreciation and gratitude. Furthermore, this committee directs an Executive Branch community service project, in conjunction with the State & External Affairs Task Force, in order to give back to the community and encourage team building and communication.

Environmental Affairs – Chair: Kate Friedheim (

The goal of the Environmental Affairs Committee is to collaborate with students, faculty, and staff to create a more cohesive environmental presence on campus while promoting key environmental principles, encouraging sustainable lifestyles, and facilitating improved cooperation between student environmental groups and the University. We are always open to new projects, but here are some of the initiatives we are currently working on.

First Year Focus Council (FYFC) – Chair: Alec di Ruzza (

This council is composed entirely of first years in order to provide them with Student Government experience, leadership roles, and event planning skills that are vital to becoming a skilled young leader at UNC. Members will host Brown Bag Lunches and the annual Priceless Gems event to represent and serve their first year class. Members will also create, sell, and distribute a Class of 2019 item in the hope of creating a sense of community within their class.

Multicultural Affairs and Diversity Outreach (MADO) – Chair: Bradley Opere (

MADO is the student government committee in charge of all diversity issues on campus. The team focuses on a wide range of diversity issues that encompass: religion, culture, sexual awareness, LGBTQ, socioeconomic, disability and race. We aim to both implement our own initiatives and to act as a facilitating partner to the wide range student organizations that focus on diversity issues on campus.

State & External Affairs Task Force – Director: Diana Dayal (

Members of the State and External Affairs Task Force serve as delegates to the following external bodies: North Carolina General Assembly, Chapel Hill Town Council, Association of Student Governments, and the UNC Board of Governors. The task force sets legislative priorities and organizes lobbying trips to the North Carolina legislature to advocate on issues related to UNC Chapel Hill and the greater university system. We also organize Tar Heel Vote, a voter registration and get-out-the-vote initiative during the fall elections. We aim to represent a wide diversity of ideology and include members from across the political spectrum, regardless of past or current political activities on or off campus.

Speakers at Carolina – Chair: Eva Gonzalez Pena (

Speakers at Carolina seeks to promote curiosity by bringing inspiring lecturers to campus. We organize the Eve Marie Carson Lecture Series each fall, which honors Eve Carson’s vision to bring internationally and nationally renowned figures—men and women who have distinguished themselves through their ideals and accomplishments—for the purpose of stimulating a campus-wide dialogue about important contemporary issues. Speakers at Carolina also organizes the Chiron Award and Lecture Series in the spring, which allows students to nominate a professor to give the lecture he or she has always wanted to give.

Student Engagement – Chair: Joseph Lucido (

The Student Engagement committee aims to get more students actively involved in campus life by facilitating collaboration between student groups and celebrating innovation. This year we will be working on establishing a common application for student organizations, further integrating the CarolinaGO app into campus life, and creating a website with information on how students can make an impact on the big issues facing our campus.

Student Safety & Wellness – Chair: Debanjali Kundu (

The Student Safety and Wellness committee aims to ensure students’ wellbeing by:

  • Strengthening campus safety measures
  • Improving sexual assault awareness
  • Promoting physical and mental health

We work closely with Campus Health Services, Chapel Hill Police, university administrators, and a wide range of student organizations to ensure that these goals can be met.

Thanksgiv(spr)ing – Chair: Meaghan Nazareth (

thanksgiv(spr)ing is an annual free community lunch held in the heart of our campus. The event is a celebration of community, and is also a platform to raise awareness of homelessness and food insecurity in our community. The event is one of student government’s biggest projects: in the spring of 2015, our free lunch fed over 800 people from campus and the local community. This year we’ll be working with UNC Panhellenic, the Community Empowerment Fund, and many other local and campus organizations.


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