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Updated Information Coming Soon!

Student Body President-Elect Houston Summers will take the oath of office tomorrow, Tuesday April 7! This week, the site will undergo significant changes. Please be patient as we update the information of the new Executive Branch Officers!

Exec Branch Leadership Positions & External Appointments

Applications are now open for the following positions:

  • Cabinet positions
  • Task force positions
  • EA positions for SBP, SBVP, and Chief of Staff
  • External appointments

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State and External Affairs Minutes

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Cabinet Minutes

Sunday, September 28


BOT Update- Andrew

  • All of Wednesday and Thursday
  • 40-50% discussion about the upcoming release of the Wainstein Report

o   Probably released towards the end of October

o   Most students have no idea what the report is, while it consumes most of the faculty’s attention

  • Seems like more of a prospective student issue

o   Investigates the athletic scandal

à Need to preemptively plan an event that would review the report

  • Voted to proactively invest in clean energy sources

o   Can’t fully divest yet because of complexity from an endowment standpoint

o   Kudos Jasmine! Student and administrators reached a middle ground

  • Innovation report released by Judith Cone’s office

à Innovation Task Force launched by Andrew and chaired by Kyle

o   Includes both students and faculty: Emma Park (Carolina Creates), Brent Comstock (LAUNCH), Buck Goldstein, etc.

  • 2 of 3 presentations to the board focused on education innovation

o   Kelly Hogan and Michael Crimmins taught about active learning


A Note on Interviews– Andrew

  • Brannum Forsyth leads Town Relations for Student Government and wasn’t listed as related to Student Government

à Explicitly to Student Government


Getting PR&D Support– Allie

  • Review the form system
  • Urge policy chairs and heads of cross-cutting teams to write highlights and compile pertinent events (EX Academic Affairs)
    • Want newsletter to grow our brand by providing valuable information about the campus ecosystem
      • Not just pushing events


Stigma Free Photo Campaign– Allie and Tyler

  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the Pit from 12-2 PM
    • Encourage your friends to share their thoughts about mental health
    • Fosters collaboration between undergrad and grad students


State of the University Event (November 7/8) – Rachel and Zak

Friday 1-5 PM

Saturday 11-3:30 PM

  • Have our presence known in more than one setting

o   Engage students at many panels

à each policy chair and head of crosscutting team attends another panel

o   For our session

  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Reserve Great Hall under Executive Branch


It’s On Us– Kyle

  • Call to action rolled out by the White House last Friday to prevent sexual assault on college campus

o   Focused on engaging men and bystanders

o   Response under development… much shifted to SACC


Food Theme– Kyle

  • No clear mechanism for how a campus theme is proposed

o   Global Research Institute from the Global Education Center currently advocating for food

  • We should loop in? Dee (and other individuals added to the conversation by Jasmine Ruddy)


Blended Learning Initiatives and Summit Discussion– Andrew, Kyle, and Sowmya

Provost meeting deadline: October 1st

  • Outline objectives for website, provost meeting and update on progress (video, content)
    • Want a central location for students to understand the blended learning initiative
      • Adapt information from Center for Faculty Excellence to student audience
      • Need to consolidate aggregate data from Hogan, Crimmins, etc.
      • Show the provost a mockup
  1. Video- 4 interviews conducted and filmed last week
  2. Resources
  3. FAQs- get through the many interpretations of “blended learning”
      • Infographic of how to apply blended learning in various contexts, especially demonstrating relevance in humanities classes
    • Working session on Tuesday night
      • Reach out to the Learning Center
  • Education Summit details, agenda review with cabinet, reaching out to speakers
    • 1-2 headliners but also exceptional UNC faculty, other institutions’ faculty, students!!!!
    • How to loop in major foundations? Lumina, Gates, etc.
    • Reach out to anyone you know related to education innovation
  • Cross-cutting check in- PR & Design, Web and Tech support, other committee involvement?
    • PR&D- notify more in advance through form
      • Demonstrate bottom-up efforts of Student Government through filming the event
    • MADO- Kelly Hogan’s research relating blended learning to minorities


Tar Heel Vote Day– Diana

  • Wednesday between 11 and 2 PM in the Pit
  • Vote early at Hillel

o   Collaborating with Buzz Rides

  • Paying from a grant! Not student fees
  • Supporting students beyond their nights out
  • Possibly have Andrew and others drive (Thomas as body double? Sup Dogs man?)

o   Way better than voting on Election Day on November 4!


Guest Speaker List for Cabinet– Zak

Crystal King, Bubba Cunningham, Roy Williams, Shirley Ort, etc.



Senior Staff Minutes

Thursday, September 18


Recap of D.C. Trip– Kyle (10 mins)

Recap of Retreat– Zak and Andrew (10 mins)

Wrap Up Executive Assistant Distribution– Allie (3 mins)

DTH Feedback– Allie (3 mins)



  • Finish EA selection
  • Email all Executive Assistant Applicants if you haven’t already
  • Update selected EAs’ contact information on the Master Database

New Cabinet Organization

The Powell Administration reformed the structure of Student Government last spring. The administration is already reaping the benefits from the new matrix organizational structure. Chief of Staff Zak Merdi only oversees 10 individuals, instead of the 35 committee chairs and co-chairs he would have in the old structure. The three crosscutting teams encourage coordinated efforts between each of the policy areas. Less bureaucracy ensures greater efficiency, and de-siloing Student Government has led to unprecedented multi-team collaborations.


Policy Information Coming Soon!

We have many exciting things happening this year and we want each policy area to be up-to-date! Stay tuned to this section for more information coming soon.

Meet Your Student Government Leaders!

We’re excited to start the new year here at Carolina! We’re excited to interact with you in a variety of ways this year. Check out our leadership profiles found under the “Officers” button on the top of the site! Questions? Visit the Contact Us page for more information!

Senior Staff Minutes – Sept 7

Sunday, September 7


Housekeeping – Andrew (5 mins)

  • Schedules
    • Received: Wilson, Neel, Kyle
    • Needed: Brittany and Zak
  • One-on-ones every 3 weeks for an hour
    • Thursday, September 11: Wilson
    • Friday, September 12 (12 PM): Allie
    • Monday, September 15 (lunch): Neel
    • Friday, September 19 (late lunch into SFAS): Brittany
    • September 22-27: Zak
    • September 29-October 3: break week
    • October Cycle back in October


Applications Update and Review Plan – Zak (5 mins)

Retreat Structure and Activities – Zak (3 mins)

  • Early morning departure on Saturday
  • Return on Sunday

Distribution of EAs – Allie

See email with Excel spreadsheet

Update on ASG– Kyle

Grants to apply for ($16,000 for voter registration; $16,000 for financial literacy; $20,000 for green initiatives; $40,000 for campus innovation)



  • Organize Task Force to promote collaborative innovation funding- Andrew and Kyle
  • Reach out to EAs- Andrew, Kyle, Wilson, Neel, and Zak
  • Set weekly meeting time at 8 AM on Thursdays (starting September 18)

Need-Based Aid Press Packet

Access our PDF document here:

Need-Based Aid Press Packet

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