Student Body President – Andrew Powell

As the Student Body President, I am humbled to play a very small part in a long history of student self-governance at UNC. I was incredibly honored when my peers elected me in a competitive and exciting race. I believe that the level of engagement in the election was a testament to both the scope of the challenges that we face as a student body and the depth of this community’s love for Carolina.

To my peers: I am amazed by your accomplishments but even more inspired by your commitment to this university. Thanks to you, I am optimistic about UNC’s future and the future of higher education.

This is not the first time that our university has faced adversity, and it will not be the last. Rather than succumb to the challenges at hand, we must work together and ensure a brighter future for all Carolinians. I hope that I represent my fellow students well this year and help overcome the obstacles that UNC faces.

In my campaign, I talked about how Carolina has always led. From the moment UNC opened its doors in 1795, the university has provided a model to the world. A model of a university that is accessible, affordable and above all else, empowering; a university that allows generation after generation of aspiring learners and leaders to achieve their dreams and give back to their communities. Carolina is a place that not only respects the past but also invests in the future. For centuries, UNC has served the state through research, teaching, and public service.

I recognize that higher education today faces unprecedented challenges. Whether it is preparing students for the 21st century, delicately balancing athletics and academics, or finding ways to maintain affordability for all – the challenges are significant, but within those we find great opportunities. And what better place to innovate than Carolina, the birthplace of public education.

I know that we can solve these problems, and yet again provide the world with a model to emulate. As I said during my campaign, “It’s our time to lead Carolina, and it’s Carolina’s time to lead.”