Environmental Affairs


The goal of the Environmental Affairs Committee is to collaborate with students, faculty, and staff to create a more cohesive environmental presence on campus while promoting key environmental principles, encouraging sustainable lifestyles, and facilitating improved cooperation between student environmental groups and the University. We are always open to new projects, but here are some of the initiatives we are currently working on.

Waste Reduction and Recycling: Focus is directed towards increasing awareness and accessibility of the existing recycling programs on campus, especially items that are difficult to recycle.

The Food Theme: Assist in promoting the campus-wide food theme, collaborating with relatable events and projects, such as edible campus landscape.

Composting: Coordinating and expanding the existing composting initiatives in residence halls and throughout campus. Increase awareness and accessibility of the composting programs in the residence halls, dining halls, and Carolina green events.

Outreach: Managing EAC website content available to the public and connect with the environmental student groups to increase their collaboration and awareness.

Athletics: Working with UNC athletics to increase the sustainability of sporting events on campus. Managing existing projects such as Game Day Challenge and zero waste games.


For more information, visit our website here!
Primary Contact:
Morgan Zemaitis | zemaitis@live.unc.edu