Black lives matter. The Executive Branch of the Student Government wants to preface this letter by stating that in no way do we endorse the subjugation of one life to another. Every life is indeed important. However, in light of recent events and the continued aggression against black bodies, we want to take the time to say that each and every Black and Brown student on our campus is important to us. We feel your pain, we understand your frustration and anger, and we stand with you.

Our University, our community, and our world, they are all here today due to the contributions of everyone. They all are at their best when we are all in accord. When we attack, marginalize, discriminate, or martyr our fellow human beings we only hurt ourselves. In this trying time, we choose to focus on the injustices inflicted on POC bodies and ask that each of us takes this time to reflect on how we can be a part of positive change.

To all of our students, we want you to know that you are appreciated. If you need any assistance or just want to talk, know that the door to the student government suite is always open. Please also feel free to call 919-966-3658 for counseling services offered by the University during business hours and 919-966-2281 after hours.

Bradley Opere – Student Body President
Jordan Peterkin – Senior Advisor
UNC Student Government